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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- Butterflies will soon be fluttering around what used to be a "yucky strip of grass" along Old Dixie Highway in Boynton Beach... read more.



Dixie EcoWalk at Seabourn Cove will reforest an area of land measuring approximately one quarter of a mile long by fifty feet wide using over 50 species of Florida native plants.  A winding pathway will be installed that incorporates stamped butterfly outlines in the concrete.  Florida cap rock boulders will be carved and used as bases for plant identification tiles and educational interpretive panels as well as creating butterfly watering basins, and large and small sculptural elements along the pathway.

The EcoArt for Dixie EcoWalk at Seabourn Cove is inspired by the butterfly.  The butterfly is a creature that is magical for people young and old, and is a symbol of renewal in many cultures throughout the world... read more.

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